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Artificial intelligence continues to present game-changing solutions for the electric power industry. EPRI believes that with the right applications, AI can play a critical role in evolving the electric power industry for the better. Now, as the need for resilient, efficient electric power grids is clearer than ever, EPRI is organizing a community-building series in 2021 for these two industries to match challenges with solutions.

This September, EPRI will host the AI and Electric Power Summit, a virtual event which will bring leading innovators in these industries together to advance AI technologies for electric power utilities.


This event will go far beyond discussions about AI’s potential. With end-use solutions available in everything from generation forecasting models and load control assistants, to developing grid-integrated buildings with enhanced environmental controls and reduced carbon footprints, transmission and distribution asset image recognition and developing a natural language processing industry dictionary, the Summit will offer numerous industry use case presentations and panels.
These conversations will showcase solutions and innovations that:
  • Are feasible now or near-term;
  • Will enable enormous efficiencies for utilities;
  • Support a clean energy future that helps meet customer needs.


  • Electric power utility leaders
  • AI and machine learning experts
  • Innovators in new energy generation
  • Tech company AI specialists
  • AI businesses and startups
  • Smart grid companies
  • Carbon reduction solution providers
  • Digital twin technology companies
  • Grid operators and controllers
  • Universities with AI/ML programs
  • AI and energy researchers, students and academic specialists
  • Manufacturers of electric technologies related to industrial processes, smart homes and consumer goods

Join us in September and become an AI catalyst for shaping tomorrow's energy network!

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Watch Our 2021 Past Events

This is AI

An Introductory Training Course and Expert Panel on AI for Electric Power Experts

This introductory training session for utility staff addressed:

  • AI methods and how they have been applied
  • Electric power industry use cases
  • Potential application to address current and future challenges specific to the utility industry

To view these recordings, please use the following links:

Convening AI and Electric Power

A Virtual Roundtable

EPRI kicked off the 2021 conversation on March 18 and discussed the following with AI and electric power industry leaders:

  • How the electric power industry is using AI today
  • AI’s impact on society
  • Data collection, curation, and use
  • How AI is changing job skillsets
  • How the connection of these two industries will shape the future
  • What emerging and beneficial AI technologies are on the horizon

Listen to this discussion with Ameren, CPS Energy, Microsoft Energy Industry, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), RUNWITHIT Synthetics, and Stanford  University

AI and Electric Power Meet Up

A Reverse Pitch

Utilities come together and share their data-related challenges and AI companies and organizations will respond with potential solutions and collaboration opportunities. This exciting and engaging opportunity to connect with electric utilities and AI organizations across the globe is free.

Click here to view the recordings.

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